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Начало » 2007 » Сентябрь » 02
Of the town of one’s childhood one can talk endlessly. And everyone will be right if imparts his inimitable past. But only archive documents and monuments will be incontestable... The long and the short of it, all that is usually called history. Today this particular historical essay about Lida can add to the collection of the column “In search of the lost”.
This town arose the same year as Vilno.

In 1323 the Great Lithuanian, Russian and Zhmud Prince Gedymin ordered to build a stone fortress in the Slavonic-Baltic border area among the Neman region forests and swamps. The construction of the fortress, one of the first on the territory of the Great Lithuanian Principality (the GLP), was fulfilled within 5 years. And the town arose near the huge stone building in the interstream area — between the boggy valleys of Kamenka and Lideyka. The town obtai ... Читать дальше »
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